JKA Child Development Preschool & Infant Center is a Day Care in Los Angeles, CA

Welcome to JKA Child Development Preschool & Infant Center. We are a local day care and infant care center located in Los Angeles, CA. Our child care programs and excellent day care center is designed with your kids in mind, as we understand that parents want the best for their child. We offer safe and encouraging after school programs that also double as a learning center, allowing children to feel comfortable and excited about their experience at our day care

Some of the services available at our preschools include:

Our reliable and knowledgeable staff has over 13 years of experience in child care and children's education. We provide a safe place for your kids to learn and excel in their studies, offering an array of fun and engaging after school activities. Our preschool program will prepare your child for school through social activities, academics and learning exercises, and we are committed to preparing young children for life readiness. We will help your child grow and learn in a safe, fun environment. Our day care is also open late for child care until 11pm. So, if you are looking for a reputable preschool and day care center in the Los Angeles area, then look no further than JKA Child Development Preschool & Infant Center, your local preschool program.

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What Makes Us Proud

  • Our Teachers Have Over 13 Years of Experience In Children's Education
  • We Provide A Safe and Positive Atmosphere To Help Children Succeed
  • Our Day Care Is Open Late For Child Care Until 11pm

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Locations served

  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Gardena
  • Inglewood
  • Compton
  • El Segundo